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Minimum 2 hours
Maximum 6 passengers


$1.25 per mile
50 cents per minute or $30 per hour wait

Special Round-trip from Eugene to Portland Events    $250,   6 passengers,  12 Hours






If you require a larger vehicle, over 6 persons next option 12-15 pax van.  Our Enterprise rental account, you pay is the rental difference or mileage charges.    Only Pay Driver $30 per hour

Never-the-less, we aim to complete and please your ride… everything is negotiable.


What choices have you?

  • Drive your own car and back same day
  • Designated driver, hire or friend
  • Plane
  •  Taxi and back to Eugene
  • Limo expense
  • Now the Hut Shuttle leaves every 2 hours for PDX airport, takes 3 hours stopping every town
  • The train about the same price, 3 hours, last train arrives Eugene maybe 11pm, arriving Portland, you’ll still need public or ride-sharing transportation
  •  The Greyhound bus stopping along the way, 60 passengers of strangers
  •  Bolt bus is cheap, same as, not as clean nor convenience,  60 passengers of strangers
  • Once somewhere, you’ll still need to hire transportation, use ride-share or public tansit
  • If driving, parking your car, walking, knowing or driving the city, bridges, then driving home that last 2 hours
  • Spending the night with friends or extra time extra accommodations, more expenses



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We’re building our new getaway for Eugene neighbors, something needed, different.  Building our new business brick & mortar. We want your business.  All rides are custom, for you, fun, safe and a good ride for the right price!  Get you to where your going.

Example trips…

Stylish nice riding 2016 Toyota Sienna Van
Seating arrangements:
6 passengers.
Driver and drivers passenger
2nd row 2 captain chairs
3rd  row dats3 bench seat

Stylish nice riding Ford Transit 12 PAX Vans.
Seating arrangements:
Driver and drivers passenger
Row 2 has 3 bucket seats
Row 3 has 3 bucket seats
Row 4 has 4 bucket seats
Must book atleast day ahead, minimum of 8 to 11 passenger