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Our EugeneStarTour  –Tour Coordinator person will call you personally within 24 hours to discuss our tours, answering any question and supply additional information.  We  want to confirm your party, friends, our vans, dates, tour availability as soon possible. Each tour needs to reach our required minimum seating arrangements, then we book van and drivers.  Thereafter with your seat confirmation made, there’s no refund available. Allow us 72 hours to process refund. You may transfer your seat to another person.

Any remainder balance from your deposit due 3 days before tour begins.  Click here… Pay Now   our drivers do not carry money.

BE RESPONSIBLE   We don’t mind everyone having fun.    Uncontrolled drunkenness is not accepted, your driver.  Do not threaten or touch our drivers.  You can loose your ride home fast.  We reserve the right to refuse anyone for cause, disturbing, disrupting the tour group.  By accepting this ride, you authorize Eugene Star Tour to charge your credit card a hefty $250 clean up fee in case of accidents.  Sick Bags Are Available!   Thank you.. have fun!

How to find our driver and tour van in a crowd?
Click learning about using Glympse,
It’s a fast, free application is a simple way to share our eStar drivers location in real-time to our riders.

This starts by a by allowing our driver smartphones to send  you a text message link to each of our riders with smartphones.  Each rider on the list, should receive a text message with a link?   Clicking on the link.  Then, will show riders the GPS point where the driver van is conveniently as possible parked,  And this will now conveniently helps direct the rider to walk to the GPS location where driver van is parked.

* ANYWHERE  depends..   what, where, we have the right to refuse your ride within reason.